How do I take care of my resin products?


Avoid bumping, scratching, or sleeping with you resin products, as it might get scratched. The resin product itself is waterproof, but the jewelry findings are not. Water may shorten the shiny lifespan by oxidating the jewelry findings. Store your products away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure causes discoloration to the flowers and makes the resin more prone to yellowing. Avoid applying harsh chemicals such as perfumes, cleaning solutions, hand sanitizer, etc.

What is the quality of your product? (Materials & Resin)


Resin: Our Epoxy is a clear, UVa-stabilized epoxy system designed specifically for casting; bubble-free, crystal-clear castings ideal for art I create. 


Jewelry Findings: We use high quality findings with all of our jewelry. 

  • Earring Hooks: Gold or Silver Covered Brass.
  • Earring Studs: Certified 925 Sterling Silver
  • Necklaces: Gold Stainless Steel, Gold Covered Brass, 925 Sterling Silver.

    How do I clean my resin jewelry or products?


    To properly wash your piece, damp a paper cloth in warm soapy water and gently cleanse your piece. You may also use a microfiber cloth to polish and dry your piece. 


    I missed this restock, when is the next one going to happen? 


    Our resin jewelry takes from 4-9 days to fully create. Creating a product or a piece varies depending on the style of the piece itself. Our restocks usually vary from 3 weeks to 2 months, depending on the amount and type of product release. 


    Returns, Exchanges, or Cancellations

    I don’t accept returns or exchanges. Cancellations can be done within the hour of submitting your product, as we usually package the same day to get the shipped to you as soon as possible. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order via email: andrenidae.resin@gmail.com or Instagram DM @andrenidae. Always at your service!


    How long will it take to receive my order?

    • Shipping: Since this is a one-person job, allow us up to 1-7 business days to process your package. All package deliveries vary depending on the location of the buyer. Generally, US takes 3-5 days, while PR Residents Take 1-3 to arrive. *Shipping Estimates vary during the Holidays* 

    • Pickup Option: If you selected the pickup option, please wait till you receive a notification letting you know may stop by the store when the item has been delivered. All information on pickup shall be sent to you via email.  


    Where do you ship from?


    We ship from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and transit time varies by location.


    The item I wanted is Sold Out, will it be restocked?


    Each piece is one of a kind, that means that the exact piece you wanted won’t be getting restocked. Luckily, we do offer some style variations you may choose from if they are available to purchase.


    Do you take custom orders?


    At the moment, we do not offer any custom listings. While we enjoy bringing your creations to life, we want to create for all of you out of love and creative freedom this helps us create a one of kind piece just for you. 

    Does the item come ready to be gifted?


    All items come in separate boxes (Jewelry) or wrapped in tissue paper (Big products only) ready to be gifted or for you to have an experience. It also includes a few extra things. 

    Is your brand plastic free? 


    Aside from the resin’s formulation. Yes.

    • Resin: Powered by plants, formulations replace petro-chemicals with renewable, biobased materials. Green should not just be a color. 
    • Kraft Boxes: Eco-friendly. It degrades naturally within a few weeks
    • Shipping Envelopes & Boxes: Biodegradable and Plastic Free
    • Cards: 4/6 cards are made of 100% recycled paper and made with no artificial dyes, while 2 of them are just plastic free. 
    • Tissue Paper: Biodegradable 
    • Wax: Made from beeswax and other oils 
    • Shipping Labels: ComPOSTlabels
    • Stickers: Kraft, degrade over time.