Andrenidae is a local jewelry shop located in the small island of Puerto Rico. Where is each piece is as unique as the beholder, and as loved as the process of creation. Our main goal is to create fun, unique and original creations for each of our customers, while at the same time providing a one-of-a-kind experience to each time someone unboxes the little each package they’ve received. We believe that jewelry should speak to the beholder, just like nature does to us, that’s why most of our pieces are inspired by the shapes of mother earth. Each product is created with love, positive vibes and a purpose. 


Behind each small business is an entrepreneur, and that’s me, Karbin Gab. I’m an aspiring business entrepreneur with dreams of making it big (…just like every other person that has that dream lol). What makes me different is that I always step myself out of the comfort zone to catch up on ideas, creations or new ways of critical thinking. I don’t limit myself to creating things that are already made, I enjoy reaching new horizons and new dawns to look up to. I like growing from my errors because that’s way I know I am finding success. Making my ideas come to life, sharing my creations’ process and thinking that this little speck of information can reach places I’ve never imagined (YouTube: Karbin Gab). I think that in this little journey of “Andrenidae” I’m not walking on it alone, I have my supporters, love ones and family. Without them this walkway wouldn’t be possible, because of YOU I’m able to keep creating and loving what I do.